Sunday, March 13, 2011

Star Traveler Update - NOT Gyiand!

“You are not going to assign me Gyiand,” I protested.

“You have to have a bodyguard. I explained why.”

Daniel and I had been arguing for what seemed like hours. I had agreed to take on his android bodyguard team, but now he wanted to assign one to me as a babysitter. I was having none of it.

“I can take care of myself. The Valaria’s always have the Galactic Officials to reinforce their Programmable Material Teams during the celebration. You can’t walk a block without seeing some form of law enforcement.” I was not going to have some female Walhmite hanging around and spoiling my sightseeing/flirting. No one would come within a Valarian tier of me with a Walhmite at me side.

“I spent the last GTD cooped up in a classroom the whole time getting my certificate so I could buy their overpriced navigational software. I will not have this trip spoiled.” I flopped down in the nearest huggable as a period to my statement.

“Okay, I will assign Toland to you and tell him to keep his distance,” Daniel finally gave in. He stretched out in the chair across from me. It molded to his lengthy stature. “But you have to have him.” Daniel crossed his arms over his chest.

“You are one stubborn dude. I give. But he had better keep his distance. If I even think that he is cramping my style, I’ll ditch him and he can find his own way home.”

Daniel smiled and tried to soften the blow. “I’ll add a program so he can help you shop for those gun turrets you want. You’ll see it will be good to have him around.”

“Yeah, right.” I just didn’t get that Daniel thought his game was worth this much security.

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