Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Andy's Drawing

I contacted Andy at Refitting Station Terrell and he said he was fine with us celebrating at his place. He draws in his spare time at the bar. I think he missed his calling, but he says it’s just a hobby to keep his hands busy when the bar is slow. He sent me a drawing I thought you might like to see. It illustrates a mission Jake told him about. I’ll just cut and paste the message from Andy here for you all.

Hi Gorgeous,

This is Jake and Arr on the ice planet .

Those two really seem to be getting into some heavy stuff. This mission wouldn’t have been so bad except that Jake’s suit sprang a leak. He could have frozen to death, but guess what? Arr can purr to keep himself warm. Can you believe that? Jake said it was like having a life sized hot water bottle next to you. The Henu fascinates me. It’s so sad to know he is the last of his kind. His talents are so incredible. Did you know I caught him talking to a Drifit last time he was in here? I don’t know anyone other than another Drifit that can speak Drifit. He has an amazing way of picking up new languages. Jake tells me he knows about 30 so far and he’s only been off his home planet a little over a year.

Sorry, the place is getting busy. Got to go.
Hope to see you soon, Andy

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