Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Reporting In

“I’ll make this quick. I have no idea if the Helavites monitor the Net, but I don’t want to take the chance.” 

Ma-rye-a had connected us with MT2424. The computer officer had answered the call and introduced himself as Officer Coal. He was a Realdat – a very identifiable race. They all look alike, their only individuality being their tattoos. The computer officer has a winged creature on cloven hoofs prancing across one cheek. He’d called for Captain Targus to join him on the bridge, but I didn’t want to wait on him. I wanted to get my duty driven report in and get the hell out of this area of space.

“We just witnessed an attack on a freighter by Helavites. We’re not equipped to fight, as your captain knows since he was onboard my ship a couple of months ago. My ship is forwarding you the coordinates now.”

Damion’s face entered the view screen. “Were there any survivors?” Wishful thinking on his part.

“They blew the ship up before they left. There is nothing except debris for one of your cleaning teams,” I answered. “Ma-rye-a tracked them as far as her sensors would allow. We are transmitting that data to you now along with the coordinates.”

“Coal, do you have a lock on the Captain's ship?” Targus asked as he came into view on my screen.

“Affirmative,” Coal responded.

“Can you wait for us?” The captain asked.  He looked down at the readouts on Coals controls. “We can be there in less than ten hours.”

“I don’t feel real comfortable sitting here even if we are shielded,” I told Captain Targus. “If they do any poking around, they’ll find us.”

Coal was literally attacking his keyboard. I could hear his fingers punching the screen with such force that it was a wonder that he didn’t crack it. “The Yakoshi is only three hours from her location,” Coal said.

“Can you wait for the battle cruiser to arrive?” Targus asked. “I don’t think the Helavites would think of bothering you with her around.”

“I suppose so,” I lamented.

“You may not realize you have further information for us that your ship does not possess in her data base. Anything we can learn about these raiders, no matter how small, is vitally important.”

I leaned back in my chair. “Well, tell the Yakoshi to put a move on. I’ll feel a lot better about waited for you with her sitting guard over us.”

“We’re on our way,” Targus replied.

“I’ll have the cookies waiting,” I added as I winked at Damion. No sense in letting the opportunity of impressing the handsome medical officer again. After all, what else could I do while I was waiting ten hours for them to arrive, except worry?

I caught his returning wink just as Coal signed off.

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