Sunday, February 20, 2011

Star Traveler Update - I hate waiting

“Aiyeh!” I exclaimed as the tea I spilled ran off the console into my lap. “Yuck.” I jumped up from my chair. I brushed at the liquid to no avail. I was going to have to change my clothes.

“I’ll make you another cup,” Horus offered.

“How about some of those scones you like to go with it?” Moby chimed in.

They were all trying to be so solicitous. We had been waiting for over five hours and I was a wreck. I have always thought I was brave and strong, but this waiting for the Yakoshi to arrive with the Helavites active in the area made my skin crawl.

“Thanks, Moby. That would be nice. I’m going to change out of this.” I plucked at the wet pants on my thigh.

“Perhaps a game of chess when you return,” Horus suggested.

“We’ll see.” I wasn’t in the mood for chess. I didn’t really think I could keep my mind on a game.

“You know, we’re okay,” Sam reassured me as I walked to my cabin. “The scrubbers are doing their job. We’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Sam. I know you’re doing a great job. I just can’t help feeling very vulnerable sitting here.”

Cassie met me in my cabin. “Wear the red,” she advised. “It always makes you feel better.”

I took my red jumpsuit out and slipped it on after shedding my tea drenched outfit. Honestly, I do not know what I would have done with myself the last three days without my crew. I am going to have to get Daniel something special at the GTD festival as a thank you for all the empathy he has programmed into them.

“There, isn’t that better,” Cassie said in a cheerful tone. “A little eye makeup and you’ll be all set to meet the captain of the Yakoshi. I have been reading up on him and he sounds very capable. He’s also quite handsome.” She displayed a hologram from the projector on the wall. “His name is Denn Silva. He is human and hails from Goliath’s third moon.”

The projection was of a man about my height, built wide in the shoulders and slim in the hips, blond, blue eyed with chiseled features. Really nice if you liked blonds. Personally, I drift more toward the dark haired verity. Damion is more my type.

“Of course, Damion is nicer looking, but you have to admit, Denn is cute,” Cassie commented. Daniel had programmed her with so many of my preferences that it was like she read my mind half the time.

“I just picked up the Yakoshi on my long range scan,” Ma-rye-a announced from the bridge. “They should be here in another 4 hours.”

At this rate they should make it to us at about the same time as the MT Unit arrives. But hey, I wasn’t about to turn them away.

“Thank heaven.” I said. I did feel a bit light headed with relief. “Let’s have some scones and tea to celebrate.” I headed toward the bridge. “Set up the chess board, Horus.”

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