Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Traveler Update - The Company & Galnon Crystals

I completed my delivery to Trading post #1313. Daniel and I had lunch together and I got to 'wow' him with my description of the Maelstrom incident and the unexpected meeting with the Valarian scout ship. He said hearing about those kind of adventures made him wish he wasn’t planet bound. We talked about GTD again. I offered to come back to give him a ride to the event.

I put my availability on the NET as soon as I hit orbit at 1313. I had a job lined up before I got my last load delivered. I’ll make a short jump to Outpost #26 to pick up a passenger. One of The Company’s ships was diverted to another location. The new superintendent for Galnon Station #41 needed  to find his own ride to his post. He found me. I’ll pick him up and give him a lift to the station. It will only put me a little out of my way to Jake’s party and I’ll make a nice commission on the delivery.

The Company specializes in mining galnon crystals. The crystals only form in a particular type of rock that is found on planets with extreme heat. Galnon Station #41 is located between two suns. It is bathed in light thirty hours a rotation. No night. The surface temperature averages a consistent 120 degrees.

Galnon crystals come in grades like diamonds. Some are sold for industrial use, some for jewelry, still other larger clusters for expensive decorative pieces.

The Company locates the planets where these crystals form. They bring in the equipment, a prefab mining station plus all the out buildings, and all the staff to man the station. The staff usually consists of a superintendent, a security crew, staff for the company store, and the miners and their families.  

I was told by the ‘new man’ that the previous superintendent died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The new guy’s name is Drew Chumlee. I hope he can play chess. It’s going to be a week on board.   

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