Sunday, January 9, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Stuck

It’s been three days and I still haven’t located a load for delivery. Trade post 1313 seems to be a dry hole at the moment. I can’t afford to run Ma-rye-a with her cargo bay empty. I have to locate a delivery. I guess if I have to be stuck somewhere, being stuck where I have friends is better than being at some awful Outpost. Daniel and I have been out to dinner twice, but he still won’t give me even a hint about his new program. He has tantalized me enough that I have decided to attend GTD. I have to see what he is up to.

Currently, I am sitting in SS’s (translation: Katka’s Slow Sip) hoping to catch some info on a load. The SS serves everything Katka can get his hands on. You could live here if he supplied the cots to sleep on. It’s a comfortable place with NET and I.N.C. access. He doesn’t mind if you crash in a corner for the whole day as long as you have a glass, mug, cup or utensil in your hand. I started off with a liquid breakfast this morning called a Sunrise Special and moved on to a Smokin’ Tokin at about mid-morning. Now I’m slowly working my way through a plate of raw Pebble Fruit and a glass of Mid-day Madness.

It’s too bad Trading posts are not organized enough to have a dispatcher. You have to rely on your own ability and reputation to pick up a load at one of the local gathering holes. You post your availability on the NET and you keep your ears to the ground. I don’t mind waiting so much. Daniel is right, the place is a gold mine for people/alien watching. It’s not often that I see a species I can’t identify, but I must admit there have been a few today. Katka said the two with all the eyes were Licktode’s. I can’t say whether they were male or female, or if they even have a gender, both looked a bit reptilian with long faces and three sets of eyes running up the side of their faces. Their tongues would periodically sneak out to lick across the eyes. Don’t know what that was all about, but I passed most of the morning speculating on it.

One really surprised me. When it crawled in, I thought it must be lost. More like a slug than anything else I have seen in the Verse. However, when it made its way up to the bar Katka seemed to be on a first name bases with the thing. Turns out HER name is Delic and she speaks better than passable English through that sucker type mouth of hers. She sounded like a person singing as they gargle. She does have a bit of trouble with her ‘B’s and P’s’. When she tries to pronounce those she blows bubbles that unfortunately for Katka they burst. He tried to keep a bar rag close without getting in the line of fire. She likes Hardhat Spritzers – through a straw of course. Crazy with a capital ‘C’.

I spotted Yakutis and his mate in the crowd yesterday at the market. They are good folks. We had a bite to eat together. Lucreal is pregnant. Her species’ term is a year and a half so she is nowhere near delivery. In fact, I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t told me. Yakutis is in love with the idea of a child. He can’t keep his hands off Lucreal and that is saying a lot cause their species has four arms.

They are doing a short shift of a load from here to the other side of the planet. Lucreal told me they have developed a mining station over there that’s in need of supplies. Then Yakutis says he has a load to pick up at the mine for a Window jump to Gamma 12 and then a delivery to Galnon Station #41. He’s hooked up with the mining trade to see how he likes the duty. He is fearless. He doesn’t mind taking Windows to speed the delivery, but it leaves me as cold as a spacewalk without a suit. I keep remembering those simulations you have to work through in order to get your license, maps and software from the Vularian’s at the GTD workshops. Those were so hairy. You pop through a Window and there sits a floating Free Rider from a bad jump and your ship careens into it. If the Valarian’s want to scare you about the dangers of Free Riding and Windows, they certainly achieved it with me.

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