Saturday, January 1, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Rigil Four

I made good time to Rigil Four - just sitting here in the food court waiting for my pay voucher. Grabbed a cup of tea and a pastry. One of my favorite things to do is investigate new pastries. This one is filled with some type of crunchy grain and a fruit that tastes a little like chocolate mixed with raspberry. Really tasty.

The regular work crew is pouring in for their morning feed- some human, some Rigil natives. The natives can be identified by their dress. Both male and female wear loss fitting sack type clothing. Very unisex and unattractive to my way of thinking. The weather is mild year round on Rigil Four.

I don’t come here often. The people of Rigil are extremely liberal. Because of that, there is a certain element of lawlessness all the time. It is not a safe place to be. Even though there is a thick presence of Guardian’s and other law enforcement officers, there is still a high danger level. Easy to get caught in the crossfire of a dispute.

Got to go. My number just came up. I’m picking up my credits and then I’m off to see Daniel about that glitch in Cassie’s program.

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