Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Obsession

Whoa! I am back up on Ma-rye-a after a full day and night of partying on Madelor. Got to give the guy credit, he knows how to throw one hell of a birthday bash. It was like a smaller version of GTD.

Yesterday morning the guests started to arrive. We were all jockeying in space for an orbit location without drifting into each other. Seems some of them pooled their resources and came together in one ship. I would estimate there were at least a thousand people, all human I noticed. The guy is a Humanid (the spacer term for someone who only frequents beings of their own species). I am embarrassed that the word is based on our species. Shows how open we were in the beginning. Thank the heavens most of us have evolved since then.

Non-the-less, it was a real wild event. The theme was carnival – everything a twenty four year old young lady could wish for; fortune tellers, magicians, acrobats, tumblers, flame eaters, sword swallowers and knife throwers among others. The live music kept the carnival atmosphere going long into the night. The refreshment tent overflowed with food and libations of every sort. They even had a mixologist on hand to match your mood to your beverage.

Sarah gave tours of her menagerie. She is quite the collector and thrilled with her new pets, the pair of Golden Screamers. Daily introduced me to his daughter during their presentation where he spoke briefly of the trials ‘he’ had gone through to get them here on time for her birth date. She is just as spoiled as her portrait indicated.

She looked me up later in the crowd and asked me if I knew Jake Harcourt and Arr. I told her I did. She was ecstatic. She pulled me to one side and gushed about Arr and how wonderful a specimen he was. (Specimen? Sounded like she was studying a lab slide.) 

Did I know that Jake had saved her from the Hydra? (Hadn’t a clue. He didn’t mention it in our last meeting.) 

Seems she was kidnapped by that slaver race. Nabbed right off her own planet. (How dare they!) 

She rattled on about Arr and how fascinated she was with him. What cool fur he had. Weren’t his cat eyes just incredible? Did I know he growled? (Did she know he could speak any language he heard?) 

He would make a great addition to her menagerie. (I bristled at the audacity of the child.) 

Her father had offered to buy Arr from Jake. (Bet that went over like a Free Rider being dropped in unknown space.) 

She talked a bit more about places she knew the guys had been lately. I don’t think, given what she said that the guys have been in contact with her. The little minx is no doubt following their movements via her father’s I.N.C. connection. I will have to remember to tell the boys about her continued interest in Arr. Someone this obsessed, with this much money, could be dangerous.

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