Sunday, January 16, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Madelor

I arrived at Madelor in record time, Golden Screamers being a great motivational tool. Andrew Daily was prepared to receive the little noise makers. He had an enclosure built with the burrowing sand they love and their favorite natural growth grasses. Of course, a guy that is beyond wealthy thought of everything, the unit is sound proof. The little buggers seemed to settle down as soon as they got their burrow lined with the grass they harvested and the hair they pulled out of their chests. They were down to yelping instead of screaming by the time we exited the premises.

“Come up to the house and I will arrange for your payment transfer, along with the bonus,” Daily offered.

“Thank you, sir. You wouldn’t think something that small would be that difficult to transport, but I must admit I am glad to have them off my ship.” I took the headphones off my neck and hooked them on my utility belt. “The trip down in the pod was the worst. I thought my eardrums were going to burst even with the headphones.”

We climbed in his ground transport to head up to the house. House…Sure for him maybe. More like mansion or estate or castle to the rest of us. Mr. Daily likes to live old world. The place has the look of an earthling’s southern plantation mansion out of a history book. Huge three story pillars line the porch. You climb a flight of ten stairs just to get to the entry. Before you even reach the porch you have to travel through the acres of manicured gardens, up the tree lined main road and past the towering three tiered fountain out front.

There was a crew setting up tents, tables and a stage, people with linens and flowers everywhere. The place was a buzz of activity preparing for the birthday celebration in two days.

The entry of the house is dominated by a massive sweeping staircase that comes down through the middle of the house. I suppose the bedrooms are upstairs. Huge portraits hang on either wall to the sides of the staircase like he was royalty or something, and I guess in his mind, he is. There is one of him, his late wife Madeline and of course the birthday girl herself, Sarah. Sarah looks spoiled even in her portrait.

The floors are hardwood, a terrible waste of natural resources if you ask me. Guess when you are wealthy you can act like a Krackow and rape the environment all you want. After all, he owns the planet. To think rich folks used to just own islands.

Part of downstairs is an extensive library with shelves and shelves of real cloth bound books. No flats here that I could see. Daily uses the library for his office. There was a desk almost as big as my landing pod in one corner made of some old world wood carved with lion’s heads on the front, and ball and claw feet. It may have looked old, but when Daily sat at it, it transformed into a high tech work station with all the bells and whistles.

Daily transferred my funds as promised and then invited me to stay for the celebration. I guess one more wouldn’t matter to an event with God only knows how many people attending. I decided to stay for the show. Not every day that I get an invite to a party for a semi-celebrity. I will get to meet the birthday girl day after tomorrow.

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