Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star Traveler Update - An Invitation

Andrew gave me a delivery back to Trade post 1313. Nice of him to supply me with a reason to get back closer to the normal transport area I work in.

“There is a message waiting for you,” Ma-rye-a informed me when I hit the deck.

“Play back, please,” I requested as I hung up my jacket and placed my blaster in its rack.

It was a message from Tim O’Malley - his annual invite to Jake’s birthday party. Jake will be the “Big 4 - 0” this year.

Tim was Jake’s dad’s best friend. He picked up on the tradition of Jake’s dad throwing him a party each year. He gathers all of us together and we give Jake the most ridiculous gifts we can find. I think Tim is the only one who gives him anything useful. The parties are usually a three day bash in which Tim arranges for a suitable location (one that can handle a couple dozen slightly inebriated spacers without getting complaints), food and entertainment. I am sure Tim spends a considerable time planning the event. For the last couple of years he has put together a vid of Jake with hilarious subtitles and voiceovers.

The guests are a combination of mercenaries, transporters and old family friends. I am one of the few women invited, sometimes the only one that shows up. I was raised with several brothers, so they can’t get too rowdy for me. It is an adult only party. We get a bit raw at times with our gifts. We all talk about our missions/transports and the places we have been. The conversation normally digresses into a ‘gross out – one upsmanship’ of who has had the worst job the past year. 

It’s a networking time too. All of us keep a log where we exchange useful information – good places to pick up leads, new Outposts or Trading posts that have cropped up and their potential, business associates that are either, good or bad news, etc. etc.

All in all, one of the best places to be each year.

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